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Rectorseal Active Air Purifier, 12"

Part No. REC89231

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DUST FREE®ACTIVE - UV-C Light/Ionization Whole Home Air Purification, 12"
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Rectorseal Active Air Purifier, 12

The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier is a compact, duct-mounted, air purifier that is effective at reducing dust, dander, VOC's, odours and inactivates virus in the air.¹

Installed into the supply plenum of your HVAC system, the Dust Free Active Air Purifier's UV light and ionization system effectively reduce pollutants.

¹MS2 virus and Staphylococcus epidermis bacteria.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual active air purification technologies provide a comprehensive IAQ solution
  • Reduces particulate matter such as dust and dander by improving the performance of your existing filtration system using millions of charged ions
  • Innovative carbon fiber brushes increase ion production
  • Effective against odors, VOC's, and inactivates virus in the air 1
  • Expanded range ballast for increased electrical reliability
  • Auxiliary power port to power an additional 24V Germicidal UV-C light allowing to easily add an additional UV light to any HVAC system
  • Highest quality construction


  • Active Air Purifier System
  • 24VAC power supply
  • Core
  • UV-C lamp
  • 40VA transformer 1
  • Mounting plate
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions


  • Recommended for HVAC systems for whole home air purification, reducing dust, dander, VOC's, odours and other allergens

Additional Information

Part No. REC89231
Manufacturer RECTORSEAL
Unit Of Measure Each