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Energy Recovery Units


Air handling unit for efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in flats, houses, villas and other residential buildings.

For controllable mechanical energy saving ventilation systems.

Minimisation of energy losses and energy saving.

Control of air exchange for creating a comfortable indoor micro climate.

Compatible with round 100mm & 125 mm air ducts.


The compact double-skinned casing is made of aluzinc and has 20mm thermal sound insulation made of mineral wool. The casing has fixing brackets with vibration absorbing connectors for easy installation.

The spigots for connection to the air ducts are located at the side of the unit and are equipped with rubber seals for airtight connection to the air ducts.

The hinged side panel of the casing ensures easy access to the internals for service work, including cleaning filter replacement etc.

The built-in freezing protection system automatically switches the supply fan off, in case of freezing danger to enable warming of the heat exchanger with the warm extracted air. When the freezing danger is over the supply fan is turned on and the unit reverts to it's previous mode.

The drain pan under the heat exchanger block is used for condensate collection and drainage.

In summer when the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is low and recuperating is not useful, you can replace the heat exchanger with the summer block for warm seasons (available upon separate order).


High-efficient external rotor direct current EC-motor and centrifugal impeller, with backward curved blades for air supply and exhaust.

EC motor technologies meet the latest engineering demands for saving energy and for high-efficient ventilation.

EC motors have 50% less energy demand as compared to standard motors, whereas their efficiency reaches 90%.

EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and well controllable total speed range and a dynamically balanced impellor.

Air Filtration:

Two built-in panel filters with filtering class G4, provide efficient supply and extract air filtration.


Speed is controlled by external 0-10 V control input e.g. speed controller CDT E/0-10 for EC motors.

The fans air capacity is regulated by various parameters including temperature level, pressure, smoke etc. When control parameters are changed, the EC-motor changes its rotation speed to provide the best suitable air flow.


Mounting to floor ceiling or wall with fixing brackets. When properly mounted the unit provides condensate collecting and drainage and free access to the hinged side panel for servicing and filter replacement.

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