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IFD-44 Intumescent Square-Rectangular Fire Dampers

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Square and rectangular fire damper for walls floors and ceilings – up to 4 hours fire integrity rating.
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Part No. Size
AIRAWIFD-44 100/100 100mm x 100mm
AIRAWIFD-44 100/125 100mm x 125mm
AIRAWIFD-44 125/125 125mm x 125mm
AIRAWIFD-44 125/150 125mm x 150mm
AIRAWIFD-44 150/150 150mm x 150mm
AIRAWIFD-44 150/175 150mm x 175mm
AIRAWIFD-44 175/175 175mm x 175mm
AIRAWIFD-44 200/250 200mm x 250mm
AIRAWIFD-44 250/250 250mm x 250mm
AIRAWIFD-44 250/300 250mm x 300mm
AIRAWIFD-44 300/300 300mm x 300mm
AIRAWIFD-44 300/350 300mm x 350mm
AIRAWIFD-44 350/350 350mm x 350mm
AIRAWIFD-44 350/400 350mm x 400mm
AIRAWIFD-44 400/400 400mm x 400mm
AIRAWIFD-44 400/450 400mm x 450mm
AIRAWIFD-44 450/450 450mm x 450mm
AIRAWIFD-44 450/500 450mm x 500mm
AIRAWIFD-44 500/500 500mm x 500mm
AIRAWIFD-44 500/550 500mm x 550mm
AIRAWIFD-44 550/550 550mm x 550mm
AIRAWIFD-44 550/600 550mm x 600mm
AIRAWIFD-44 600/600 600mm x 600mm

Additional Information

Part No. AIRAWIFD-44 Series