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Heavy Duty Plate Mounted Axial Fan

Quick Overview


• Suitable for wall or panel mounted applications. These heavy duty fans are built to suit specific airflow direction requirements.


• Hot Dipped Galvanised steel fan casing and incorporate an inlet cone as standard.


• Motors are TEFC type and available in 415V three-phase only. Motors are speed controllable using variable frequency control. Options include motors complying with Exe, Exd, Exn etc. standards.


• Standard motors fitted are IP55. Higher degrees of protection are available as options if required.


• High efficiency adjustable pitch axial impeller. Impeller options include Aluminium, GRP/Nylon and Anti-static.

Technical Data & Specification:

• For all technical data, sizes, fan curves, noise specification or any other required information, please send us a message using the button below:

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